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    Morningtide contains 150 cards (50 rare, 40 uncommon, and 60 commons). The theme of this expansion is tribal, based on class rather than race.[6][7][8] Its expansion symbol is a depiction of a sun rising in the morning, or a flame. Morningtide is the second and final set of Lorwyn block. The following set, Shadowmoor, would not be part of the Lorwyn block, as originally announced, but the first set of a new block, codenamed "Jelly" and "Doughnut". However, these two blocks would rotate into and out of official tournament formats as though they were a single block.[9] Morningtide introduced Tribal EquipmentProwlReinforce, and Kinship. The set was accompanied by the novel of the same name, written by Cory J. Herndon and Scott McGough.

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