Core Set 2021 Collector Booster

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    Preorder; July 3rd release date
    • Core Set 2021 is the perfect place to dive into Magic or power up your collection. Call upon planeswalkers and their powerful spells, learn more about the life and times of Teferi, and score reprints of some of Magic's most iconic cards.

      The Collector Booster gives players immediate access to the coolest, most desirable cards from Magic the Gathering Core 2021. Each Collector Booster is packed with the set's most exciting offerings. It’s a supercharged booster experience.


      • 4 foil commons, common dual lands, or basic lands
      • 2 foil uncommons
      • 1 foil showcase basic land
      • 1 extended-art rare or mythic rare (45 rares, 8 mythic rares)
      • 2 foil rares or mythic rares, or foil extended-art rares or mythic rares
      • 2 showcase commons or uncommons
      • 1 showcase or borderless rare or mythic rares
      • 1 foil showcase common or uncommon
      • 1 foil showcase or borderless card
      • 1 foil token


      • Powerful New Cards - Core Set 2021 introduces the planeswalker Basri Ket and tells the story of one of Magic’s greatest legends, Teferi. Plus, there are guest appearances from fan-favourite planeswalkers like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.
      • Reprints that Matter - From Grim Tutor to Tormod's Crypt, M21 is full of cards players have loved for years past and will continue to love for years to come.
      • Classic Magic - M21 is the perfect way to get back into the game or for long-time fans to introduce friends to the community. It's full of all the combat, strategy, and art that have made the game iconic.

      - $35.00

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